How To Create A Wedding Hashtag

Wedding Hashtags have emerged as another creative tool that helps soon-to-be-married couples engage their guests and pin memories on social media. This trend received a warm reception in the past few years, but some were critical of the practice. Are you wondering if you should join the ranks of Wedding hashtag-ers? Keep Reading!

Why Should You Use a Wedding Hashtag?

It would be such a delight to type in lovely stitched words into your search bar on social media, and then have beautiful memories from your wedding appear right there in front of you. If you enjoy the social media space, you’ll know that hashtags are great and can do a lot. Here are some things you can achieve with an incredible wedding hashtag:

  • Mind-blowing hashtags give your big day an orderly and beautifully cohesive look online.
  • They grant access to family and friends who missed out on the party.
  • They help build long-lasting memories and have your moments closely knitted in one space.

 Coining a Fabulous Wedding Hashtag, How?

So you’ve seen creative and fantastic wedding hashtags but don’t know how to get one?  Not to worry, we got you! 

It is essential to have a unique wedding hashtag because you don’t want it to match with another couple. Couples can utilize different methods to achieve the hashtag of their choice. Below are a few tips you can use:

  • Couples can gain inspiration from a defining moment in their life. For instance, if Rose fell in love with James in an eventful December, hashtag #December2Remember would be a great idea. It makes people want to hear your heartwarming love story.
  • Hashtags can also be coined from a place the couple met for the first time. If Rose and James’ love story began in Ontario, the hashtag #TheOntarioLoveStory sounds like a great one. 
  • Look within and get creative and don’t forget to ask strangers online – for some reason we’ve seen some of the wittiest hashtags come from facebook wedding groups and we love it!

We could give you a long list of ideas, but everything boils down to how creatively and simply you can tell your story in just a few words.

What happens after creating a fantastic hashtag?

Having an incredible wedding hashtag is not enough, be intentional about putting it out there. The wedding hashtag serves as signage for the big day, and it deserves to be seen but how?

  • Post with Pre-Wedding Pictures

Before the nuptials, couples might want to put up glamorous pictures, including the hashtags, on their socials. And this is the beginning of simply promoting your hashtag and giving it the exposure it needs. 

  • Drop a Hint on the Invitation

Having the hashtag integrated into the wedding invitation card is an exciting way to carry your family and friends along while you plan. Your well-wishers get to start using the hashtag to heighten the anticipation of your big day.

  • Customize Your Souvenirs

Souvenirs always find their way into wedding ceremony plans. So you might want to leverage this opportunity to display your hashtags on them as it helps your guests relive the memories even after the event. 

For many, their wedding ceremony is one of the top highlights of their lives and as such it’s important to find ways to make it as unique and memorable as possible for yourself, your partner and your guests. #weddinghashtag

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